FAQ's about NetTeller

What is NetTeller?
With NetTeller, you have an Eagle Bank branch anywhere you have an internet connection. Now from the convenience of your home, vacation property, office, or wherever your travels may take you, you can visit your Eagle Bank accounts.

How do I apply?
Stop by any Eagle Bank office and fill out an application. If you have questions, please feel free to contact a Customer Service Representative at:

320-634-4545 – Glenwood
800-635-5588 – Glenwood
320-554-2984 – Villard
218-685-4411 – Elbow Lake
218-458-2121 – Wendell

What services are available?

  • View Account Information
  • View Transactions
  • Transfer Funds

How secure is my personal information?
The NetTeller web site utilizes 128-bit encryption. This ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot view your personal information. Access to NetTeller is also protected by only you knowing your NetTeller ID (identification) and NetTeller PIN. It is important that you do not share ID’s & PIN’s.

What browser does my computer need to access NetTeller?
NetTeller supports Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 7 (and Higher), Firefox Version 3 (and Higher) or Safari Version 1.0 (and Higher).

How do I change my NetTeller ID?
Click Options in upper left-hand corner. You may then change your ID, then click submit. IDs can consist of numbers, letters and the following set of special characters: + ? _ % @ ! $ & * ~. The ID must begin with a letter and cannot be fewer than 4 characters or more than 12.

How do I change my NetTeller PIN?
The first time a new user logs into NetTeller it will require them to change their PIN. A user may change their PIN any time or as frequently as they like. The PIN has to be 6 to 8 characters, alphanumeric. To change: Click on Options in the upper left hand corner and enter your current PIN and then enter a new PIN in the next box and confirm it in the last box, then click submit.

What happens if I lose or forget my NetTeller ID and PIN?
If you lose or forget your ID or PIN, you may contact a Customer Service Representative at:

320-634-4545 or 800-635-5588

How late in the day can I make transfers through NetTeller?
Transfers can be made at any time; however, the transfer cut-off is 3:00 PM during regular banking days, which excludes weekends and holidays. Any transfer made after 3:00 PM will be processed on the next business day.

How do I change the names displayed for my accounts?
Click Options in the upper-left hand corner and select the Account tab. You may then change the names of the accounts to how you wish to identify them.

How do I add a new Eagle Bank Account to my NetTeller?
To add a new Eagle Bank account to your online banking, contact a Customer Service Representative at Eagle Bank.