Report a Lost or Stolen Card

If your ATM/debit card is lost or stolen, please notify us immediately.

Use the Card On/Off feature in Mobile and Online Banking.

Simply tap the button to turn your card to the off position. This will turn your card off immediately. 

If you find your card, simply log back in and turn the card back to the on position and your card will be active again.

You may also get spending alerts!

Click on Card Management, then Alerts and Protection to set up what alerts you want and how you wish to receive them.

Card is lost or stolen and need to cancel and get a new card?

During regular business hours call Eagle Bank at 800-635-5588

  • After business hours, call 888-297-3416
    • A representative will take your information, deactivate your card, and contact Eagle Bank the next business day.
  • Cards cancelled through these methods cannot be reactivated. Card replacement requests must be made by contacting Customer Support at 800-635-5588 or stopping in to your local banking center.

To activate your debit card, set your PIN or change your PIN, please call 833-553-2944.

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